Learn to lay the perfect teak deck!

What would a luxury yacht be without a gorgeous teak deck? Laying such a deck requires real craftsmanship, which you can only learn in practice. Nevertheless, online training can be used to optimally prepare for real-life practice!

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The challenge.

The Yacht Builders Academy is the #1 knowledge centre for the ship and yacht building sector in the Netherlands. It offers a wide range of up-to-date and innovative practical training programmes for both young people and adults. For the Yacht Builders Academy, Brainstud developed a custom-made learning platform that features various blended learning programmes.

One of those learning programmes is “Teak deck and joints”. Teak is a high-quality type of wood that is often used while building luxury ships and yachts. One of the main applications of teak is on the deck, with joints to staircases, grids and walkways.

Laying such a teak deck requires real craftsmanship, which can only be mastered after extensive real-life practice. To prepare participants for the professional practice, the Yacht Builders Academy needed a blended learning programme, in which the optimal preparation for the professional practise takes place online.


Participants complete theory and assignments online.

The learning solution.

In co-creation with the Yacht Builders Academy, we have developed the blended learning programme “Teak deck and joints l”, in terms of content and visuals. It consists of nine chapters, in which participants learn everything they need to know about the different surfaces, assembly methods, types of caulk and primer, preparation and laying methods that play a role in laying a teak deck.


In the online course materials, we have incorporated interactive widgets, schematic drawings and photos and videos of the construction process. This way, we establish a direct and clear link with participants’ professional practice. Each chapter is concluded with a (practical) assignment that challenges participants and tests whether they have remembered the necessary knowledge.


The learning programme is used in a blended way. Thanks to their online preparation, participants can get to work at the shipyard immediately. Coaches monitor participants’ progress online, which enables them to offer more personalised education in practice. During class hours, participants learn valuable practical skills and are supported in the theoretical aspects of their training. After completing both the online and practical assignments, participants can complete the learning programme with a certified exam.


The learning programme is filled with photos ...
The learning programme is filled with photos ...01 / 03
... schematic drawings ...
... schematic drawings ...02 / 03
... and interactive widgets!
... and interactive widgets!03 / 03

There are also various videos that show the practical implementation.

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