Escape room: Do you know the Code?

These days, many companies have a Code of Conduct. However, organizations often pay little attention to the Code of Conduct once (new) employees have read and accepted it… Time for a change!

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The challenge.

Many medium-sized and large companies have their own Code of Conduct. Our client, a major international insurance provider, is no exception. The Code of Conduct is used to create a professional and social work environment, both within the company and beyond. 

However, merely having a Code of Conduct does not guarantee that all employees will actually adhere to it. Reading and accepting the Code of Conduct is often part of an employee's employment agreement. Nevertheless, little attention is paid to the Code once the agreement has been signed, even though the hardest part - compliance on a daily basis - has yet to begin.

Time to change that! It is important to ensure the Code of Conduct remains top of mind for all of our client’s employees. Brainstud was given the challenging task to come up with an interactive learning solution that could be implemented on a global scale.


Look at an example of the exercises.

The learning solution.

How can you make a typically boring subject, sexy again? The answer is gamification! In co-creation with our client, we have created a digital escape room, in no less than seven languages. We have developed this unique learning programme in Articulate Storyline, which allows us to deliver the learning solution as a SCORM package.


The escape room consists of four rooms, each with its own theme: the company, the workplace, the market and the private environment. In each room, participants are presented with various (practical) situations, and they are asked to make the right choice. These practical situations contain many interactive elements and audio fragments. Upon correctly answering the questions about the practical situations, the participant will receive part of the code they need to escape the room. Once the participant has collected all parts of the code, he can leave the room.


After completing all rooms, the participant is presented with the full Code of Conduct and is asked to sign it. Doing so completes the learning and serves to refresh their knowledge about the everyday application of the Code of Conduct!

Participants can make exercises at the keys.
Participants can make exercises at the keys.01 / 03
Participants can collect hints at the light bulbs.
Participants can collect hints at the light bulbs.02 / 03
With the help of practical situations, the participant learns more about the content of the Code of Conduct.
With the help of practical situations, the participant learns more about the content of the Code of Conduct.03 / 03
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Facts and figures.

  • 7 languages (Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Polish)
  • 54 countries
  • 3,700 employees worldwide

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