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Our ideal client? Anyone who wants to use a modern way of education! Take a look at what we have already done for various educational institutions, educators and other organizations.

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Learn to lay the perfect teak deck!

What would a luxury yacht be without a gorgeous teak deck? Laying such a deck requires real craftsmanship, which you can only learn in practice. Nevertheless, online training can be used to optimally prepare for real-life practice!

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Escape room: Do you know the Code?

These days, many companies have a Code of Conduct. However, organizations often pay little attention to the Code of Conduct once (new) employees have read and accepted it… Time for a change!

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Like wildfire!

Aircraft incidents usually take place at or near an airport. Then, the airport's fire service plays a critical role, but so do other local fire- and emergency services! This learning programme prepares local firefighters for incidents they may encounter.

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