We are Brainstud.

We create next level education. Because we believe that everyone in the world deserves the opportunity to develop themselves in their own way.

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Why we do this.

At Brainstud, we are convinced that there is nothing in the world as valuable as sharing knowledge. The only way to do so effectively is by making education scalable and accessible to everyone! Baes on this shared vision, Johan Schaap and Bernd van Woerden founded Brainstud in 2013.

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What we do.

We create next level education. Because the education system is ready for the next step! We design, develop and implement custom-made blended learning journeys.

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How we work.

With everything we do or build; we work in co-creation and think without limits. Additionally, we always explore the possible applications of new (educational) technologies.

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Whom we work for.

Our ideal client? Anyone who wants to use a modern way of education! We have already worked for various educational institutions, educators and other organizations.

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Where we work.

Nowadays, our office is based in a former mail-sorting centre in Zwolle (the Netherlands). Here we have transformed the building's former cafeteria into a creative work environment and production studios.

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Meet the Studs!

Meet the Studs who work at Brainstud! Read more about our education experts, project leaders, writers, designers and developers and listen to their favourite work hits.

Working at Brainstud.

At Brainstud we have a diverse team of specialists. On top of that, we always have room for interns. Together we develop modern forms of education, every single day. Join the team!

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