Start your blended learning journey! With innovative learning solutions by Brainstud.


Brainstud designs, develops and implements blended learning journeys. For educational institutions, educators and organizations.

Brainstud for educational institutions

We help educational institutions optimally prepare their students to enter the employment market. In particular, we specialise in the development of blended learning solutions for post-secondary vocational-education (mbo), public-private partnerships (PPPs) and university MOOCs.

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An ideal solution during the coronavirus outbreak.

With Brainstud's learning platform, students can complete learning programmes independently; at home, in groups or at a workplace. That motivates them! As coaches, we are there to provide any necessary support.

We have become a ‘social-distance’-school. This platform is an ideal solution during the coronavirus outbreak, but we will certainly keep using it when the pandemic is over.

Pieter van der Brug, Lecturer retail and entrepreneurship at Aventus

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A major source of inspiration.

Brainstud has helped me to get my message across very clearly. Our collaboration has been a major source of inspiration!

Tommy Visscher, Associate Professor Healthy Society

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Joint responsibility.

For me, Brainstud stands for a form of collaboration as I like to see it. We are on the same page in terms of both content and business, and really take joint responsibility for the end result.

Frank van Hout, Executive Board member of Friesland College

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Brainstud for educators

We help educators who (want to) market blended education with our EdTech software, which takes care of distribution, administration and transactions. We can also take care of the substantive development of training programmes and can think along about how participants put what they have learned into practice.

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Goal oriented.

Thanks to the collaboration with Brainstud, a lot of good things come together. It enables the Yacht Builders Academy to set sail for its goals even better.

Meine Scheweer, Programme manager Yacht Builders Academy

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Brainstud for organizations

We help organizations to onboard their employees during (major) chances and to facilitate their professional development. Our blended learning solutions are often used as a safety training or onboarding programme.

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Excellent and flexible collaboration.

The collaboration during the development of the learning programme was excellent and flexible. The learning programme stayed within budget and was full of fun and creative solutions!

Alex Hagenbeek, Preparation Officer Fire Department Schiphol

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An innovative result.

It is a pleasure to work with Brainstud! Their speed, creativity and flexibility make working on our projects a lot easier and more fun, and the results are innovative!

Project leader client

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Sustainable and accessible education.

The educational world requires a company like Brainstud, that is truly passionate about offering sustainable and accessible education to anyone, anywhere and at any time.

Carla Kwantes, Senior Training Consultant VTC Schiphol

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Well-managed production process.

Brainstud's well-managed production process allows them to deliver our animations in just 10 working days.

Gert-Jan Schoppert, Global Marketing Capgemini

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A customized module.

Thanks to their creativity and the good and pleasant cooperation, Brainstud has created a customized module.

Suzanne Kwakernaak, Advisor Personnel & Organisation KDVS

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Creativity and empathy.

We are very pleased with Brainstud's creativity. They have shown a keen understanding of our organization's specific context.

Monique van 't Hek, CEO Plan Nederland

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Brainstud for

  • Educational institutions
  • Educators
  • Organizations

Blended learning journeys


The beauty is in the blend

Our core principle is always blended learning; or the combination of online and offline learning. Our own EdTech software supports the online preparation for real-life practice with the help of e-learning, serious games or animations. We also help organizations to organize their offline learning, for example with courses, (practical) training sessions or workplace learning (with NFC chips).


A complete learning journey

We look beyond individual learning solutions. This is because it takes several steps to achieve learning goals. That is why we map out a complete learning journey together. From A to Z. Or rather; from orientation to examination!


Brainstud as your EdTech partner

We love to work in co-creation with anyone who wants to offer modern, relevant and scalable education. We take care of the distribution, administration and (optional) sale of educational programmes, and can also develop the content. Do you want to keep working with the existing content from your regular supplier? No problem! Then we will use that content and focus our attention on the rest of the learning journey.

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