• Itemdemo

    A digital USP demonstration. Itemdemo.

    Our answer to a digital demonstration. You can rotate the object 360 degrees, during which the details will literally pop out. All USPs are connected to the object via interactive dots! Delivered in web format or e-catalogue. We’re sold.

  • Whiteboard Animation

    Explain it with Whiteboard Animation

    Do you remember? Your teacher writing on a whiteboard while explaining his lesson. Whiteboard animation uses the very same concept, but in a video. Ideal for explaining abstract ideas, theories or models. With a professional cartoonist and voice actor it’s going to be great.

  • Micro Website

    Sharing knowledge through an E-rticle. A Micro Website.

    With the advent of the internet you no longer want to publish your articles and newsletters on paper, but on a Micro Website. Take your readers on a journey, complemented with photography, video and active elements. Storytelling at its best.

  • Explain Animation

    Explaining rocket science? Explain Animation.

    The most colorful video presentation format. Especially when facts and figures play a key role, you’ll experience the true power of explain animation. Factual, friendly and specific. We write the story with passion.

  • Screencast

    A video which demonstrates. Screencast.

    Companies launch one application after the other. You want the user to quickly understand how it works. This video format is meant to do just that. To demonstrate. We call it screencast. Presented nicely and animated even better. Got more Apps? Bring it on!

  • Clubcollege

    A strong keynote speech. Knowledge sharing at its best!

    You probably know them: TED Talks. Inspiring speakers who give a 15 minute presentation on a great subject. We make it accessible to anyone. Choose your speaker, we’ll do the rest: tight direction, tight production and a great show.

  • Talkinghead

    Face to face.

    Naturally, an interview is not the most spectacular form of content. But hey, it works! We’ll make sure the interviewed person will bring his or her story with passion. Scripted or unscripted. We often launch these types of films in a web series.

  • Virtual Reality

    Experience a reality that’s not really there.

    This makes our hearts beat faster. Literally. We’ve been testing this experience for months. Meanwhile, we’ve created a magnificent offer for the production of digital simulations.

  • Droneflight

    A tour from the sky.

    Drone images are ideal for creating an overview. Of a factory floor for example. The many different processes are captured in one shot. Add some music and you’ll get an amazing video.

Swipe on!

The Brainstud Formula

Organisations increasingly share their knowledge digitally. You can do this with plain text. But, an animation, web publication or movie is way more interesting. Brainstud produces it all. For every production we’ve got a smooth process with producers, directors, creatives and our own studios. We maintain fixed rates, fixed quality and short term delivery. See us as a factory. A digital content factory.

Even though our products are creative, our working process is everything but. Our content directors prepare each production into great detail and maintain strict expectation management. This way, we’ll prevent unexpected additional costs or long winded production processes. It improves the end result. A good production process forces you to deliver a good script first. Leaving room for our creatives to deliver even better work on screen.

Gert-Jan Schoppert

“Brainstud’s tight production process enables them to deliver our animations within 10 working days.”

Gert-Jan Schoppert, marketing manager Capgemini

A fixed process for every format

  • 01. Assessment and Analysis

    During this phase, we’ll discuss the goal, the target group and the content. The subject will be discussed into great detail. Our content directors are passionate journalists well versed in psychology. You can expect sharp questions.

  • 02. Scripting

    The content director describes the end product. In a video production, this can be a voice-over script combined with a description of the scenes. Normally, it takes two revision sessions to finalise the script.

  • 03. Visual description

    As soon as we’ve finalised the story, our content director will write a visual script. The visual script contains a description of all the visual footage. Normally, it takes one revision session to finalise the visuals.

  • 04. Production

    After this solid preparation, we can start the production. Our creative team will start the production under the supervision of our content director. Most often, we can produce a script in one day. This is the recording day.

  • 05. Delivery
Bernd van Woerden

“Brainstud works with fixed digital products which are ideal for spreading knowledge across the organisation.”

Our clients

Get to know us

We love our profession. And while our team consists of people form many different backgrounds, we all got the same mission: leave a mark behind. Whether it’s a story, an animation or an e-book; we want people to look at it, love it and help them along. If that’s the case, we’re proud of our work.

  • Johan Schaap

    "Let’s build a Hollywood for knowledge…Coffee anyone?"

    Johan Schaap, Founder

  • Bernd van Woerden

    "Different media products with a fixed and efficient process. That’s what we wanted. We call it the digital content factory!"

    Bernd van Woerden, Founder

  • Steven Kerkstra

    "The most powerful question in the world is: why."

    Steven Kerkstra, Creative Director

  • Saskia Dijkstra

    "As a three year old I thought I could swim. I’m still jumping into the deep end. Nothing is impossible."

    Saskia Dijkstra, Content Director

  • René Sellies

    "Take risks. If you win, you'll be happy. If you lose, you'll be wise."

    René Sellies, Animator

  • Bart Oerbekke

    "Et ie met Kesmis ne toetn petat, dan leep den kalkoen toch net iets te hard."

    Bart Oerbekke, Camera/ Editor

  • Mischa Brouwer

    "When you finally find the perfect quote for the company's website, and they tell you it can't be translated.."

    Mischa Brouwer, Animator

  • Nienke Welleweerd

    "Making it to the finish line, is the best feeling in the world."

    Nienke Welleweerd, Content Director

“It’s the clearest proposition I’ve ever received for a video production.”